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Welcome to Huntley & Huntley

Huntley & Huntley is a privately-owned oil and natural gas exploration and production company with interests in several hydrocarbon basins throughout the United States. Our success comes from over a century of aligning our business interests with those of landowners, local interest holders, and community leaders by committing to them best-in-class operations that adhere to best-in-class practices, for which the first commitment is the safety and protection of our shared environment. The company brings decades of the latest state-of-the-art experiences to successfully drill, complete, and produce wells in challenging environments. After over 100 years of oil and gas exposure across the globe, it is coincidentally wonderful to be developing the Marcellus shale world-class play within the very neighborhoods where we and many before us within the company have raised families, Southwestern Pennsylvania. Today, many landowners, community leaders, and investors take comfort in knowing that Huntley develops oil and natural gas opportunities in neighborhoods where all interest-holders are business-aligned. At privately-owned Huntley, our commitment is to you, not to the demands of Wall Street shareholders. Huntley & Huntley is a multi-generational, private, family owned E&P company that traces its history to 1912, which is headquartered in suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

HUNTLEY also holds interests in roughly 600 conventional oil or gas wells across the country including roughly 400 that it operates in southwestern Pennsylvania, as well as various mineral rights and royalty interests.

Given the material changes that have transformed the O&G industry during the past decade, and the pressures on asset owners and balance sheets from the downdraft of the past several years, Management has concluded that there remain tremendous opportunities for small, agile E&P businesses for the foreseeable future to attract and profitably deploy direct investment capital. As a result and as the HUNTLEY Management team has demonstrated competency as the O&G industry has shifted from conventional to unconventional plays, the owners of HUNTLEY have been preparing to pursue a future growth strategy that would leverage the skills and experience of HUNTLEY’s Management team. See “Future Growth Strategy”.