About | Huntley & Huntley, Inc.


Huntley & Huntley is a privately-held, Pennsylvania-based corporation under its fourth generation of ownership. The company was founded in 1912 as a geologic and engineering consulting firm for the oil and natural gas industry. The firm performed reserve studies, reserve appraisals, project risk analysis, and feasibility studies for both privately-owned and publicly-held institutions. It also designed, constructed, and managed many national and international exploration and production projects. In 1995, the firm shifted its focus from being a geologic and engineering consulting firm to exclusively developing and producing oil and natural gas reserves. Huntley has interest in nearly 600 wells across the country. In Southwestern PA, Huntley operates nearly 400 conventional oil and natural gas wells and has interests in 47 unconventional Marcellus wells. By constructing these regional wells, Huntley has earned a reputation as Western Pennsylvania’s premier urban developer of oil and natural gas. In partnership with other esteemed companies, Huntley was one of the first to experiment and successfully prove the Woodford Shale of Southern Oklahoma to be an economic horizon. Huntley has acquired nearly 100,000 fairly contiguous acres in eastern Allegheny, western Westmoreland and southern Butler counties of Pennsylvania that are being prepared for Marcellus Shale development. Huntley is proud to be Southwestern Pennsylvania’s only legacy, privately-held oil and natural gas Company developing the Marcellus Shale, and we are committed to being best-in-class in all we do.

Our Mission

It is our mission to use sound geological practice, modern technology, and effective engineering to safely locate, develop, and produce natural gas and oil to the economic benefit of our landowners, our investing clientele and the Huntley Entities, and to do so in an environmentally responsible manner.

Our Philosophy

All principals, employees, associates, and business partners of Huntley & Huntley are guided by ethics, reputation, professional discipline, and personal reflection. Honesty, Truth, integrity, dedication, fairness, and allegiance lead us.