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Huntley & Huntley is a full-scale exploration and production company, with experienced personnel in the fields of geology, petroleum engineering, environmental health and safety, land development and the important supporting functions of accounting, finance, and law.

HuntleyHuntley_0008 Keith N. Mangini
Chief Executive Officer and President Huntley & Huntley, Inc.
Chairman of the Board & Founder Huntley & Huntley, Energy Exploration, LLC
Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer Bow & Arrow land Company LLC
Chief Executive Officer and President H&M Holdings, LLC
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HuntleyHuntley_0015 Michael A. Hillebrand
COO, Vice President
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HuntleyHuntley_0020 Paul David Burke, Esquire
Vice President/General Counsel
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HuntleyHuntley_0025 Herman Edwards
CFO, Treasurer
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Huntley Legacy Leadership

Louis Grow Huntley, 1885 – 1970

Roswell Hill Johnson, 1877 – 1967

Ransom Evarts Somers, 1886 – 1980

Stirling (Charles) Huntley, 1895 -1926

James (Ben) Renwick Wiley Jr., 1897-1974

Bob Stewart, 1920 – 1988

Tom Angerman, 1931-2013