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What Makes Huntley & Huntley Different

Huntley & Huntley recognizes that signing an oil and gas lease is an extremely important decision to you. As such, Huntley uses only internally trained land agents, and will not use third-party brokerage services that typically disappear once you execute your lease. Our land agents take the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions in an honest and educational manner, and are entrusted to develop a strong and positive relationship with you, starting with the very first meeting. These same agents will be your contact from lease execution through the safe and environmental-friendly development of your oil and gas reserves.

Within Huntley’s targeted approach to leasing, we seek to maximize the economic value of your oil and gas interest. We are only successful, along with you, by achieving maximum production and price on your very valuable resource. As a privately held oil and gas development partner, our interests and goals are aligned with our leaseholders, not a Wall Street shareholder. You are our #1 business partner.

At Huntley, you are a face, not a number. Huntley’s technology and well-completion expertise ensure that leaseholders reap the greatest financial benefit from royalty payments for the life of the well.

While leasing your oil and natural gas interest is our start with you, it truly takes your community to develop Marcellus Shale interests. Many of your neighbors will be making the same decision as you for us to develop successfully our Marcellus drilling plans. Again, Huntley is different. We believe in educating the entire community involved in our development. Townhall meetings with the community and interaction with local authorities and local leaders allow us to plan our best development strategy that listens to and mitigates the local concerns. Education, transparency, and effective communication with all local stakeholders before, during, and after the drilling process further advance the Huntley difference.

The Lease Structure

An oil and gas lease includes a primary and secondary term. The primary term includes annual payments to the leaseholder prior to the drilling of a well. If a well is not drilled within this primary term, the lease will expire. If a well is drilled and Huntley determines viable amounts of oil and gas exist beneath your property, the well will be completed for production. The lease will then convert to the secondary term and run as long as hydrocarbons are produced from the well.

The secondary term, if applicable, focuses on monthly royalty payments owed the property owner as oil and gas are produced from the well. In Pennsylvania, royalty payments will equal or exceed 12.5% of all oil and natural gas produced by the well. Given that some of Huntley’s wells have produced marketable quantities of oil and gas for more than eighty years, payments under a lease’s secondary term can be considerable.

Huntley is proud to partner with landowners interested in developing oil and gas from their properties. Our experience demonstrates that the drilling process can be completed in harmony with the environment, even in the most environmentally-sensitive areas. Huntley has wells located throughout greater Pittsburgh, with many located in parks, schools, cemeteries, industrial settings and even on golf courses, including a successful project wherein twelve wells were drilled and completed on the world-class Oakmont Country Club property, which still produce natural gas today.

The option also exists to sell your oil and gas rights through our privately-owned mineral acquisition company Bow & Arrow Land Company. If you are interested in learning more about the economic benefits of doing so, please [Click Here].

We invite you to learn more about our company, our people, and our unique way of doing business.