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Penn Township Petition

Thank you for signing Huntley & Huntley’s “E-Petition” to support natural gas development in Penn Township. Please read the information below and add your name and the names of fellow family members in the space provided below, along with your address. Once that information is provided, just click the “Done” button and you’re finished.


Penn Township is currently considering a new municipal zoning ordinance that would regulate the process of drilling and completing unconventional oil and natural gas wells. The township needs to enact an ordinance that allows property owners to access the oil and gas they own and allows for the most efficient extraction of this resource in the full mineral extraction overlay area..

To the Penn Township Commissioners, and Members of the Planning Commission and Zoning Hearing Board:

We, the undersigned residents of Penn Township, urge our local government officials to recognize the wishes of property owners seeking to exercise their mineral rights through the development of natural gas from their property. We strongly encourage the township to enact a local unconventional drilling ordinance that is fully consistent with the regulations established and enforced by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, including a maximum 500-foot setback from a wellbore to an occupied building:

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